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KANA Community is a secure online portal for KANA customers, employees and partners.
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In KANA Community, you can... In KANA Community, you can...
  • Connect with other KANA customers
  • Connect with KANA employees and partners
  • Keep up to date on software releases
  • Download software updates
  • Report support cases
  • View the status of support cases
  • Ask questions and post responses
  • Share ideas
  • Increase your product knowledge
  • Learn from your peers and product experts
Did You Know? Did You Know?

KANA Enterprise is acclaimed by industry analysts.

A great step forward. It definitely ties their acquisitions together, and delivers a good end-to-end product vision.

- Kate Leggett, Analyst, Forrester Research

The KANA release lives up to the expectations it set out to achieve with its Ciboodle acquisition... and could provide many agent benefits... I advise companies to evaluate it.

- Richard Snow, Analyst, Ventana Research

With KANA Enterprise, the company is clearly showing it has both the intent and capability to deliver on its vision and promises.

- Chuck Shaeffer, Analyst, CRMSearch

A little over a year after the acquisition, KANA's Next-Generation release solidifies the vendor's important market position with a modernized UI, improved mobile capabilities, and enhanced global language support.

- Anastasia Shteyn, Analyst, Info-Tech Research

And so is KANA Express

A successful post-acquisition product launch, 30-day risk-free money back guarantee, flexible subscription pricing, and rapid implementation services provide strong reasons for organizations to consider KANA in short lists.

- Ray Wang, Analyst, Constellation Research